Roboshuttle Tote-to-Person Solution

Engineered to optimize vertical space and performance, our RoboShuttle™ can operate in warehouses up to 12 meters high, with an adjustable range from 5 to 11.3 meters. (up to 40ft)


Seamlessly integrating into your existing infrastructure, the RoboShuttle™ empowers your operations by delivering exceptional throughput, space optimization, and an agile response to ever-changing demands. The Flexible RoboShuttle solution combines the advantages of the two different robots: RS moves totes from storage rows for collection, and P40 swiftly carries the totes to an operator at a picking station.


Experience the pinnacle of smart warehouses- the Geek+ RoboShuttle™ is your vertical advantage.

  • Applications: complex whole container/totes/cartons storage and picking, MFC picking, small-sized picking
  • Applicable Industries: apparel, pharmaceuticals, retail, e-commerce

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