Geek+ helps streamline Winit’s Warehouse Operations

The customer

Winit is an integrated supply chain solutions provider for cross-border e-commerce that promotes transparent, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective supply chain management solutions and serves industry leaders like eBay. With warehouses in China, United States, Britain, Germany, and Australia they strive to create an online shopping community without borders and enable quick delivery to anywhere in the world.

The challenge

With an inventory subject to a wide variety of products, massive SKUs, and a rapid increase in online sales, Winit has been looking for solutions that can streamline their warehouse operations, mitigate against management issues due to high turnover of warehouse workers, and enable flexible yet affordable scaling of operations in its fulfillment center in Cincinnati.

Our solution
  • On a 6,200 square meters project area, Geek+ deployed 150 pcs of P800 robots, 16 pcs of picking stations and 6 pcs of one-point stations.

The Geek+ impact
  • 200%-300% more efficient than manual picking
  • Reduce the number of operators needed for stable for streamlined management
  • 99% accurate operations